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Converting Clicks
Into Leads

Successful PPC campaigns are built on efficient landing pages. Based on years of experience with PPC campaigns, CLICKS was designed to make your marketing dollars more efficient. Campaigns that saw 1.5% landing page conversion rates now see an average of 15% – 25% landing page conversion rates.

Make It Easy

Don’t make it hard for someone to give you their information. Too many landing pages drag out the process of getting the lead information. CLICKS pages were designed to get right to the point.

Seamless Design

CLICKS pages are designed to blend naturally with your company’s existing branding. CLICKS is designed to make a user comfortable giving their information.

Update On The Fly

CLICKS was built by marketers, for marketers. Being able to make campaign adjustments at a moment’s notice is important to digital campaigns. CLICKS was built so that any aspect of the page could be updated within minutes.

Often Imitated… Never Duplicated

Same campaign, different landing pages. Incredibly different results.

Landing Page
Conversion Rate: 4.55%

Avg. Cost Per Lead: $59.08

Landing Page
Conversion Rate: 20.59%

Avg. Cost Per Lead: $11.34