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Franchise Development Onboarding Questionnaire

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    Please type out your brand exactly as you would like us to use it. Include any capitalization or punctuation marks.

    Which Marketing Platforms Do You Intend to Run?

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    1. Which CRM do you use for Franchise Development? If any.

    2. Describe your company with three adjectives.

    3. What's your company's mission statement?

    4. What are some of the important things about becoming one of your brand's franchisees?

    4a. Are there any phrases or specific wording we need to include in the copy?

    4b. Should we exclude any terms in the copy?

    5a. Does your brand have any visual elements that must be used in a specific way?

    5b. Do your logos or colors need to be used in a specific way?

    6. What are the current demographics for your franchisees? (ie. gender, age range, interests, income levels)


    How does your franchise benefit your target audience (customers)?

    Anything else we should know?